Symposium in Corfu:

Globalisation and Greek Diaspora

9-10 September 2013

The non-profit organisation Ionian Inspires, the Ionian University and the Association of Eptanesian Co – Operative Society LTD in Melbourne, are organising the International Symposium on the 9th and 10th September 2013 in Corfu with the subject:

Globalisation and Greek Diaspora

This initiative is supported by a large number of institutions such as the Ministry of Tourism, the Greek National Tourism Organisation and the Australian Hellenic Cricket Association. This symposium explores the possibilities of building a sustainable and active Diaspora network which also brings in Philhellenes with the purpose to promoting a more universal Hellenic conscience across the global Greeks Diaspora. The symposium seeks to energise the universal aspects of Hellenism, the inclusive, progressive, cultural and humanistic pillars of Hellenism. In doing so, the symposium adds to the promotion if Hellenic culture and education, thus reigniting Greece as a nation open to new cultural, economic and social investors.

Corfu is host island, this is a symbolic gesture, as the Ionian is Odysseus’s homeland the Homeric figure that represent the quintessential Hellene as an innovator, an adventurer, someone not in fear of the new and the different but someone always looking to come home.

This symposium will decide next year's host city, which demonstrates strong ties with Hellenism.

Day 1:

Speeches and discussion of Ionian historical and mythological figures who influenced the global history, such as:

  • The king of Ithaca, Odysseus,
  • The Zakynthian, Diamantina Roma, a remarkable woman known for her charitable work in Australian history,
  • The Corfiot politician, Ioannis Kapodistrias, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Empire and the first Governor of Greece,
  • The national poet of Japan from Lefkada, Lefcadio Hearn,
  • The Cephalonian regent of Siam, Konstantinos Gerakis.

Key note speech by a distinguished Hellene living abroad will develop the key topic of the symposium.

Day 2:

Workshops related to culture, sports, education and possibilities of exchanges and twinning, promotion of local products abroad, investment opportunities, the safeguarding and promoting of the brand “Greece”.

The Era of Globalisation
  • The contemporary «Kapodistrias»: George Paxinos, the man who mapped the human brain
  • The psychology of today's immigrants. Anthony Stevens.
  • The role of Greece in the new order
  • Solidarity in crisis
  • Concerns: New Diaspora. Panel of 6 new young people, both Greeks and Greek-Australians
Diaspora Network
  • The weakening of SAE and the prospect of developing new networks.
  • Investment opportunities in Greece
  • Establishing the Symposium
  • The Diaspora’s politicians in the governments across the world.
  • Video presentation “The magnificence of Greece”. Edited video from the archives of GNTO in collaboration with the Department of Image and Sound of the Ionian University.
  • Synopsis of Symposium observations, comments and actions
  • Closing speech of the symposium
  • Signing ceremony – Each participant declares his / her participation in the ongoing dialogue and future initiatives (create directory - data base).
  • Branding: Greek products in the daily life of people living outside Greece
  • The Mediterranean Diet as a shield to 'modern diseases'
  • The quality mark of Greek cuisine in Greek restaurants abroad
  • The introduction of Greek breakfast in the hotels of the Greek Diaspora
  • The spread of Greek culture through the Festivals of the Diaspora Educational twinning and exchanges.
  • The promotion of solidarity through sports. Cases of Multicultural Affairs, Marathon, Tourathlon, Cricket.
  • «How the arts and sport can be the basis for strengthening relations»
  • We believe your contribution is significant and we invite your to participate in this new and innovative initiative for networking the Greek Diaspora and Philhellenes all over the world.
  • Case studies of success - Food and Hellenic Cuisine
    1. The Greek Café in USA, Canada and AUS
    2. Press Club, Melbourne, Mykonos and Gazi
    3. NYC Greek Restaurants

The deadline to make an expression of interest in contributing to the Symposium is Friday, 26th July 2013.

The only restriction to participate in the symposium is quantitative. We will accept up to 400 participations / delegates. It is advisable to register early in order to book your accommodation at the recommended hotels.

Registration is free. Transportation and accommodation expenses are covered by the participants. The organizers, however, provide a list of hotels and restaurants with special rates only for the symposium participants.