A series of initiatives, which are meant to highlight the uniqueness of the Ionian and the local colour that inspires intellectual and artistic creation. The evolution of this inspiration today is evident. Numerous artists, scientists, writers have discovered the inspiration of the Ionian, including the American author Henry Miller, the British writer Louis de Bernieres, the founder of Rough Guides Mark Ellingham, writer and journalist James Chatto and the broadcaster and environmental campaigner David Bellamy.


Ionian Inspires receives generous ongoing funding and support from the Region of the Ionian Islands to continue to develop Ionian Inspires activities.


You might like to contribute to Ionian Inspires in a special way, by sponsoring an aspect of the activities or events that fits with your aims and values, or has significance for your company.

Sponsoring activities and events can generate excellent exposure in the press for your company. The Ionian Inspires literature event in London was covered locally, nationally and internationally.

Get Involved:

Whether you are an artist, a student or a business person who could help develop the programme of activities, have suggestions or ideas, would like to contribute in any way, we want to hear from you! To get in touch please email info@ionianinspires.gr

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